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Drako Technology Limited

It is the subsidiary for Latin America of the LongGuang Technology Limited, Ltd. group.

LongGuang was founded in 1999, currently a leader in the manufacture, development and distribution of optical connectivity solutions for operators and distributors worldwide. Drako products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards stipulated by ISO9001.
Through the processes of continuous improvement in production, the implementation of new technologies and communication resources, Drako ensures quality, fast production times, purchase facilities with lines of credit and support to monitor the entire purchase process, production and transportation.

LongGuang Technology Limited, Ltd. Headquarters and manufactures fiber optic cables in Shenzhen, an accessories factory in Ningbo. In the year 2022 through Drako Technology Limited has inaugurated a modern distribution center located in Panama from where it is supplied with the best delivery times throughout Latin America. We also have commercial offices in America that act as a commercial unit and technical support in the same time zone and language.

The DRAKO team is made up of specialized professionals with extensive experience in the telecommunications market, who work closely with customers in all their requirements, whether with stock, with the development of new products, special projects, approvals or tenders. DRAKO focuses on the development of new products according to the specific requirements of each project, from the conception, production of prototypes and technical material, to the manufacture of the final product. We currently have products approved by major telecommunications operators on the continent through our local distributors in America and Europe. At DRAKO we believe in truth, self-expression, enthusiasm and innovation. We require all of our employees to conduct work ethically and maintain a culture of honesty at all times.

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