Relationships in Recovery: Balancing Personal and Partner Needs

As you work the 12 Steps of recovery, you will undergo a transformational process that will teach you how to accept yourself – flaws and all. When you want to build a relationship relationships in recovery after rehab, you should always look for the positive traits in people that indicate a healthy relationship. These traits are essential for healthy functional relationships.

relationships in recovery

Unfortunately, building healthy from addiction can be quite difficult. According to the University of Texas, the first step in developing healthy relationships in recovery is to make sure to make recovery the number one priority. Sometimes when a person is going through recovery, they may start to feel lonely. When the lonely feeling sets in, it is common for the person to seek out relationships with people that can drag them down and may take them away from their ultimate goal of recovery. Negative relationships can cause serious problems and cause the person a lot of stress throughout the process. So, if we form a romantic relationship too early in recovery—without changing or examining the fundamentals of ourselves—we risk relapsing back into this mindset of dependency.

How to Recover From a Toxic Relationship

The change came about largely through patients advocating to be involved in their own treatment. Making the decision to walk away from a relationship can be difficult. In many situations, it can feel like all outcomes will be negative, no matter the choice.

People always appreciate kindness, and as long as the person is kind, they will probably also be respectful, honest, caring and trustworthy. Relationships are wonderful ways to find happiness, connection, and closeness with another person. This isn’t easy, and it requires that you take accountability and look at the things you did that you aren’t proud of. If you try to avoid these situations, you’re not going to rebuild from a place of honesty. Somewhere along the line, I believe we learned how to feel about ourselves.

Take Your Time With Healing

By 2003, individuals who had been advocating for recovery-based care found their work paying off. A mental health commission appointed by President George W. Bush gave the final report of its work and made recovery-based care a national priority. It envisioned a future that focused on the prevention, early detection, and cure of mental illness. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you are more likely to have healthy relationships with other people. If you are abusive, unkind, disrespectful, or destructive towards yourself, you are more likely to accept this kind of toxic behavior from others.

relationships in recovery

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