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Drako has arrived to LATAM! Top Ten networks and telecomunications infrastructure seller in china.

Drako has customized solutions, contact us before designing your FTTx network.

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Satcomm (Pvt.) Ltd

Country: Pakistan


Satcomm (Pvt.) Ltd. has established a state-of-the-art metropolitan area network in the megacities of Karachi and Lahore, which serve as centers of commerce and, in terms of population, the largest cities in Pakistan. Thanks to Drako's infrastructure, and its flexible financing plans, Satcomm has currently deployed a total of 60 km of 36 core Metro CORE fiber optic backbone in Karachi and approximately 25 km of 36 core fiber optic backbone in Lahore. , which is operational on Telco-grade optical transport equipment, passing through all the major residential and commercial areas of the city, which constitute approximately 60% of the residents of Karachi and Lahore.

Waghas Khang Pitagei, Deputy Manager

Angkor Data Communication Group Co., Ltd.

Country: Camboya


During the last decade, we have entrusted Drako with the development of our high-capacity fiber optic network and the deployment of our 100% optical network. We have obtained all the variety of products to connect our antennas, SOHO and corporate clients.

They have contributed to the development of our Home Fiber Internet Service.

Bung Khmer
Network Development Manager

MTDS Internet and Technology Solutions

Country: Morocco


Drako is a technical guide always attentive and responsive to the needs of our enterprise, especially in the development of new technologies based on passive networks

Joshua Mourad Toumanné

Operation Manager

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