4 Reasons Why Every Marketing Team Should be Considering Chatbots

A Guide to Chatbot Marketing: Examples, Uses & Benefits

what is chatbot marketing

The data that chatbots gather can include visitors’ names, contact details, and interests. Chatbots that aid in these activities are called marketing chatbots. Similar to Domino’s, Sephora lets users take a variety of actions without having to leave the chat. The bots answer basic customer service questions like order tracking and product availability, but each platform leverages its own unique features to offer a more personalized shopping experience. So they built the BB chatbot to provide a personal, timely, and accurate answer. With BB, KLM is taking the next step in its social media strategy, offering personal service through technology, supported by human agents when needed.

what is chatbot marketing

Over the past several years, artificial intelligence has transformed HR and improved functions for new hires and current and intelligent customer care across all channels and touchpoints with conversational AI. WidgetGuide provides detailed information about the widget, including its specifications, pricing, and availability. But first, Sarah has some additional questions about the warranty and return policy, and WidgetGuide responds with helpful answers.

Direct people from Facebook ads to the chat

Using a tool like Sprout Social allows you to build and deploy new Twitter chatbots in minutes. Sprout’s easy to use Bot Builder includes a real-time, dynamic previewer to test the chatbot before setting it live. Twitter chatbots are a great way to respond to customers in a timely manner, manage commonly asked questions and automate certain actions. Your bot can be your most valuable conversion tool by pushing users to their final destination.

Chatbot marketing or bot marketing is a technique that leverages automated messaging to communicate directly with customers throughout the purchasing journey. This may look like assisting them with making a purchase, enrolling for a free trial, downloading an asset and more. Given that customers prefer to message companies directly, bot marketing can help resolve customer queries more efficiently while meeting your customers when and where they need you. This technology is not something you can set up, launch, and expect great results.

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For example, Domino’s Pizza has developed its “AnyWare” chatbot enabling people to order pizza anywhere. The same bot is integrated into Alexa speakers, work chat channels, even their Apple Watches. With people able to order from Twitter with a pizza emoji, there’s an element of the attention-grabbing gimmick to it. But it’s so widespread because it’s a legitimate driver of impulse purchases. The marketers still design and optimize conversation flows, but if the user asks something outside of that flow the bot doesn’t need to be “told” word-for-word how to respond.

The bot allows customers to place orders and customize their pizzas all within the chat, making it a cinch to buy your favorite pie. Dom has the ability to save and repeat orders and find the closest store to you. Expect these sorts of offers to become more common as brands look for new incentives to encourage people to interact with their bots. Being a customer service adherent, her goal is to show that organizations can use customer experience as a competitive advantage and win customer loyalty. It improves the recruiter efficiency by 38% and increases candidate engagement by over 150%. The use of AI-enabled bots can help you automate repetitive tasks and market the business in a big way.

Customer Retention Strategies for E-Commerce that Work Wonders

In the food and beverage industry, chatbots are being used by top restaurants, grocery brands, etc to increase brand awareness and engage with more customers by providing exciting services with fun. From there, you can add in answers to questions you get asked frequently, offer discounts to exiting shoppers, help users understand your products or services, and more. Spend some time analyzing your site’s traffic to discover when they leave or when they fall out of your sales funnel. Once you know when you’re losing people, you can create a chatbot to engage visitors at those high-risk moments.

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Welcome to the Search Engine Land SearchBot.

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Velaro’s chatbot software can help companies to optimize their chatbot marketing strategy and offer a highly personalized customer experience. One of the critical benefits of chatbots is their ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data, which can be used to improve the customer experience and drive sales. Using chatbots for marketing, you can segment traffic and advertise your products to the right audience, as segmented and targeted communication drives around 77% of a company’s ROI. For example, when a buyer shows interest in your pricing or a product, the chatbot identifies them as a warm lead and engages them at the right time based on that user segmentation. As the preferences of customers change, the requirements of chatbots should also be updated.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

That’s why it’s important to test every interaction to ensure they’re smooth and address customers’ needs. Most chatbot platforms have live preview functionality so you can test all of your flows before going live. Basic rules-based chatbots follow a set of instructions based on customer responses. These chatbots have a script that follows a simple decision tree designed for specific interactions. Built to automatically engage with received messages, chatbots can be rule-based or powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

what is chatbot marketing

Data gathered from chatbot conversations can be used to improve the customer experience, plus inform product descriptions, development and personalization. You can use the visual builder to drag and drop elements into the right places and customize all the actions to your needs. There are many templates you can use to build task-specific bots for customer support, lead generation, and others. Another one of the best examples of using chatbot marketing is MindValley.

Let them know about new releases, for instance, and inquire about their progress with the initial course. However, you don’t have to stay awake 24/7 or employ a bullpen full of customer service agents to get the job done. Chatbots use artificial intelligence to have meaningful conversations with your prospects even when you’re away from your desk or phone. For instance, you might use chatbot marketing to produce more conversions.

what is chatbot marketing

If you want great results from your chatbot marketing campaigns, you should combine them with other channels and live chat. And don’t underestimate the human touch—aid your representatives instead of replacing them. You will also be able to collect some data on the potential customers that you can use later to promote your products and services. This chatbot for marketing lets customers search for products and their availability. A client can click on one of the options and insert a keyword or a photo to find what they are looking for.

Choose a Chatbot Marketing Tool

Chatbots are able to collect valuable data on your customers, even if they’re not asking for it. As part of your voice of the customer program, your chatbot can gather feedback from customers for you to go through in your own time. And for the first time, they encourage scalable, one-on-one conversations between brands and consumers. But to be honest, that’s not enough to eradicate the threat of bad bots. Executives have confirmed that advertisements within Discover — their hub for finding new bots to engage with — will be the main way Messenger monetizes its 1.3 billion monthly active users.

  • For starters, their Messenger chatbot is self-aware—in the sense that HelloFresh immediately acknowledges you’re speaking with a chatbot, as opposed to a customer service rep.
  • With a traditional chatbot, the user can use the specific phrase “tell me the weather forecast.” The chatbot says it will rain.
  • While they’re not exactly human, they’re getting closer and closer to feeling like it.
  • Chatbots can increase customer engagement on your website and boost sales using conversational marketing.

Also, with marketing AI chatbots, you will be able to conduct customer satisfaction surveys after each conversation, which is a great way to know the visitors’ opinions about your brand. They can remember past interactions, recognize patterns in customer behavior, and use this information to personalize their responses. Hence while interacting with the AI chatbots, your customers always feel understood and appreciated, increasing their engagement with the brand.

Best of all, true to the conversational nature of chatbots, the entire process feels natural and interactive. With a strategic pricing structure and unparalleled features, agencies can massively scale by selling marketing bot services to new and existing customers. As such, there is a lot of untapped potential in the technology itself.


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