Optical TR 400G LR4 10Km QSFP-DD TC

DRAKO TRA034 400G DR4 transceiver is a high performance, low cost, which is supporting transmission distance up to 500m over SM fiber and uses MPO-12 connector. On the transmitter side, the module converts 8 channels of 53.125Gbps (PAM4) electrical input data to 4 channels of parallel optical signals, each capable of 100Gbps operation for an aggregate data rate of 425Gbps. On the receiver side, the module convert 4 channels of parallel optical signals of 100Gbps each channel for an aggregate data rate of 400Gbps into 8 channels of 50Gbps (PAM4) electrical output data. The module incorporates 4 parallel channels on 1310nm center wavelength, operating at 106.25Gbps per channel. The module supports commercial operating temperature, and the optical specification is compliant with 802.3bs 400GBASE-DR4 and the electrical interface is compliant with IEEE 802.3bs and QSFP-DD MSA

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